New Release - v0.4.3

Release Notes

* Added an options menu from where you can toggle (and persist between sessions) numerous old and new aspects of the UI
* Added a new '/help' command that returns a list of usable commands to the player
* Added a 'Terms of Service' UI when logging in

* You can no longer get quests in zones that are a much higher level than your character
* Enraged Rats and Fleshripper now have 80% chance to drop Rat Claws and Eagle Feathers respectively

* Added toggle-able item quality indicators for the UI
* Added toggle-able unusable item indicators for the UI
* It's now possible to extend the stash size for items based on account role levels (for example, patrons)
* Added a toggle-able feature that makes the chat UI remember the last channel you sent a message in

* The faction info box is now hidden when you haven't discovered any factions
* Removed an empty selectable div under the active events UI
* The Online Users UI no longer scrolls slightly  when there are 12 people online
* Spell buttons on mobile are now the correct size
* Polished the chat UI and onscreen keyboard on mobile
* The Workbench UI no longer renders under the top buttons on mobile
* Pressing return on the Character Selection UI now causes the currently selected character to enter the world
* The 'Plague of Rats' event now shows its success and failure messages for twice as long

* The Equipment UI's 'item list' overflows when it becomes too long
* It's possible to walk over some walls in the caves
* Autosort incorrectly places belts in the first slot of your inventory
* Reslotting a weapon does not remove the range property
* Resetting passives does not unequip gear if you no longer fulfill the requirements
* It's possible to toggle auras and complete casting while stunned
* New players can still /roll even though they can't chat yet
* Broken selection highlight area for the Online Users UI in Firefox
* It's not possible to choose passives on mobile
* Fireblast's pushback event no longer triggers
* If you're stuck in a 1x1 area, you won't be returned to spawn

* Added an event to change the router config
* Mods can now register new client UIs to be loaded
* Mods can now add new right-click actions for both players and NPCs

* Added a new '/rezone' command for use by server admins

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