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I like the concept, but I can't define anything on the screen. Needs more definition and better motion control. Otherwise great work!

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. Isleward mostly 'caters' for people who are into classic (ascii) roguelikes and the like so this minimalist style is what we're going for.

That said, Isleward supports custom sprite packs so if anyone is interested, they're welcome to submit their own ones!

This is cool! Colors are a bit wonky but it plays well. Personally I'd prefer if the character moved immediately when I press the arrow keys but that's okay. Good work!

Not work in my linux :( i am using KDE Neon :S

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Sorry about that. The executables are a bit hacky.

Maybe play in the browser for now? It's the exact same game.

Updated binaries can be found here:

ok :(

Modified my previous comment.

colors are a bit hard on the eyes tbh


How soon will the newer updated version be coming out?

Probably on the 22nd. The Halloween event is coming! 

What is required to play this on linux?  It just hangs on a white screen.

Are you referring to the linux executable? It's possible that it doesn't work on all distros. You could try the web client for now?

Yeah I found the non-itch web version. Good enough.

Great game, can't wait to see where it's headed!

Hey, man. Keep up the good work. The game is really impressive, although it really could use some sound.a

The game looks awesome! I love the art!

The bad is roguelike games it's a difficult genere to find players, but the it's a really cool idea.

Already an insanely fun game. Considering this game is in alpha that really says a lot due to the amount of content already implemented. There's tons of loot, enemies, places to explore and lots of secrets. I am excited for updates on this game and I hope the end turns out great. Cheers!

looks like a cool game, with more content and a bigger playerbase it could really turn into something someday.


Is there a particular format you would like to get reports of bugs in?


Just a simple description of the error will suffice along with what you did you get it.

Also, you can press F12 to access chrome devtools and check the console to see if there are any console errors.

Thank you in advance!

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I agree cat cookie!


Super fun, can't wait for more content!


Great game!

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